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Hot Tera Patrick Promo Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 via Coupon Code: ADULTIXE 75% OFF 1 year membership $7.45/mo. Have you heard the news? Tera is now all new. If you don’t know what it is I am talking about, please do know this is a porn reference, so if you still don’t get it, then you have […]

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Hot Sweetheart Video Promo Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 via Coupon Code: ADULTIXE 75% OFF 1 year membership $7.45/mo. I saw a girl sitting at a bench in the barge. She was not that pretty – she wasn’t unattractive, either. Just enough to stir my feelings, but also enough to scare me shitless. She was staring at her […]

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Hot Dancing Bear Discount Deal 67% OFF 12 months membership $9.99 per month People come into your life and they make things complicated. They stay for a bit, and then they either leave you or you leave them. Pain is the only constant thing all throughout. It’s the only byproduct. It’s the sole outcome. It’s the singular […]

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Hot ATK Galleria Discount Deal 15% OFF 2 month membership $24.99 per month 30% OFF 3 month membership $21.66 per month It’s sad to think that many, many years from now, FB will die a kind of death.. And all this impertinent data, all the years we spent logging in, sharing our thoughts, our experiences, our memories.. All of these […]

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Hot PornFidelity Discount Deal 33% OFF 1 month membership $19.95 33% OFF 3 months membership $19.98 per month As for me, and for me only, when I see people arguing online (especially on supposedly “funny” pages) regarding faith, I only see people spouting grade A horse shit from the believers and the non-believers to defend their barracks identifying themselves […]

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Hot GirlsWay Promo Deal 50% OFF 1 month membership $14.95 As you can see, choosing between the heart and the mind is a deceptive practice, as you do not actually weigh between pros and cons in getting together with someone. In truth, when you say you choose your “mind” over your “heart”, you are simply euphemistically saying […]

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Hot Peter North Promo Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 via Coupon Code: ADULTIXE 75% OFF 12 month membership $7.45 a month I’ve long held the belief that the heart and the mind are not dichotomies. By that, I mean that they are not alternatives to each other. You do not need to choose one and necessarily forsake the other. […]

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Hot Reality Junkies Promo Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 via Coupon Code: ADULTIXE I’ve been trying to get by some kind of mental block for the past few days. I’ve been struggling with the stiflers of my writing stint. I don’t know what’s been going. At least not until this morning. I’ve been too focused pondering on […]

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Hot Tainster Discount Deal 60% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 Tainster is a site that is dedicated to European porn and boy do those Europeans know how to put on a good show. They are based in the Netherlands, which is kind of like the kinkiest and horniest country in Europe and you can understand why when you […] Discount

Hot Discount Deal Hottest Deal of the Year OK, I have to admit that I was intrigued from the very moment that I set eyes on the website. I have always seen myself as being the type of guy that likes to experiment, but boy have I done virtually nothing so far. Instead, […]

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Hot Viv Thomas Discount Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.99 73% OFF one year membership $8.33 per month Who doesn’t love European? From picturesque views to glamorous structures, they have it all. What’s more? They have the loveliest babes in the whole word, and that’s not even an exaggeration. And if you want to see how these European […]

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Hot Burning Angel Promo Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 via Coupon Code: ADULTIXE So, recently, I have been invited to join an occult research group in Facebook. Let’s just say it was a prerequisite to an actual occult practice, which I definitely I’m not considering with all its necromancy and withcrafty weird stuff going. I just love […]

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Hot Devils Film Promo Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 via Coupon Code: ADULTIXE 75% OFF 1 year membership $7.45/mo. Devils Film is the official site of Devils Film productions so you are going to find a lot of hardcore porn here. There is no download limit in this site and that is always good news for any site. […]

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Hot Discount Deal 33% OFF 1 month membership $19.95 73% OFF 12 months membership $8.33 per month Network gives a true meaning to the term glam-core as it combines the terms glamorous and hardcore. We all know that hardcore is where the girls get pumped big time as their pussies are also licked. The glamorous part is […]

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Hot Backroom Casting Couch Discount Deal 30% OFF 1 month membership $24.95 You have to admit the premise over at Backroom Casting Couch but nobody is complaining about that. It starts off with a girl coming into the office with some guy behind the camera asking all sorts of dumb questions. This is the part where you have […]

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Hot Wow Girls Discount Deal 33% OFF 1 month membership $19.95 33% OFF 5 months membership $19.99 per month There are 269 scenes over at Wow Girls and they are all of high quality. The videos can be streamed on a flash player or downloaded in several formats like WMV and H.264. All the videos are around 20 minutes […]

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Hot Team Skeet Discount Deal 51% OFF 1 month membership $14.87 84% OFF 12 months membership $4.99 per month Team Skeet is a gigantic network that offers nice videos and pictures. They have 1472 scenes that are at least 30 minutes each. The videos can be streamed through a Flash player or downloaded through a WMV or MP4 […]

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Hot Playboy Plus Discount Deal 50% OFF 1 month membership $14.95 per month 67% OFF 12 months membership $9.99 per month PlayBoy Plus pumps out sheer glamour from the moment you walk in, until the time you leave. The PlayBoy Company has been giving the public sexy bunny gals for so many years. They have sculpted their name into […]

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Hot DDF Network Discount Deal 67% OFF 1 month membership $14.99 85% OFF 12 months membership $8.49 per month DDF Network is our hot topic of discussion today. We are going to look at what they have to offer, what are the niches covered, is their material HD and HIGH RES quality, what sites they have, and various […]

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Hot Dare Dorm Discount Deal 2 day trial membership $1.95 63% OFF 1 month membership $14.95 76% OFF 12 months membership $9.95 per month Dare Dorm touts itself as the place to be when the topic of “hot college sex action” is raised. It is said that the material featured on this site is from various university students across […]

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Hot Playboy TV Discount Deal 2 day trial membership $1.00 50% OFF 1 month membership $14.95 per month 67% OFF 12 months membership $9.99 per month PlayBoy TV is an online portal to all the exciting material that Playboy produces. Inside this premium site, you will find episodes from all the well-known TV shows that this company makes. If […]

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Hot X Art Discount Deal 75% OFF 1 month membership $9.95 I always believed in love at first sight even though it is simply a matter of physical attraction. There’s this one website that once again prove me that love at first sight is true. It’s something called X Art.A Brief Introduction X Art, ah, so fresh, […]

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Hot College Rules Discount Deal 2 day trial membership $1.00 50% OFF 1 month membership $14.95 75% OFF 12 months membership $7.50 per month My high school days almost sucked as much as my elementary days did. Well, it’s because of the bullying scheme that I happened to have been a subject of — an easy target. I’m just […]

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Hot Passion HD Discount Deal 1 day trial membership $1.00 40% OFF 1 month membership $17.95 67% OFF 12 months membership $9.95 per month Passion HD covers a variety of niches including lesbian and threesome plus they update regularly with a schedule of 3 to 5 times a week. There is indeed nothing like high definition porn, just […]

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Hot Wicked Pictures Discount Deal 2 day trial membership $1.00 40% OFF 1 month membership $17.95 75% OFF 12 months membership $7.50 per month Wicked Pictures has been around since 1993 and they have impressed all kinds of porn lovers with their amazing content. When you log in there, you will see some thumbnails that represent the latest […]

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Hot DogFart Discount Deal 33% OFF 1 month membership $19.99 76% OFF 12 months membership $8.33 per month Dogfart Network brings to you a collection of 22 sites that on signing in are presented to you on the focal network page with a link to access the members’ area. This page is nice and simple although there are […]

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Hot FTVGirls Discount Deal Join A BETTER SITE for LESS! The guys who came up with FTVGirls were all tired of all the adult sites that do not offer quality entertainment out there. They opted to design a porn site that would stand out to be of high class and quantity, and to this, they […]

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Hot Twistys Discount Deal 2 day trial membership $1.00 33% OFF 1 month membership $19.95 75% OFF 12 months membership $7.95 per month Twistys along with Digital Playground is a great addition to the online adult entertainment community. First things first, you should know that they have been around for a very long time, since 2004. They have […]