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So, recently, I have been invited to join an occult research group in Facebook. Let’s just say it was a prerequisite to an actual occult practice, which I definitely I’m not considering with all its necromancy and withcrafty weird stuff going. I just love recondite knowledge and magic realism from a distance, that’s all. Anyways, the reason I’m saying this is that I have been doing a lot research lately about angels. I decided to go on a short break and delve into the porn world for some virtually exotic pleasure. Then I thought hey since I’m into angels lately, let me try searching for a porn site that resembles Enochian stuff. And so, I was brought to Burning Angel. 

Burning Angel is something that is supposed to come off queer to some audiences because of its premise. It wants to express porn with a smooch of emo, goth and punk tastes. Interesting enough, it is loved by many and with the kind of contents it continue to produce, there is no doubting the ranking of this site will become noticeable to voyeurs across the country.

This is a site that lets you appreciate passionate porn as demonstrated by the pariahs in our modern societies and on Devils Film. This is where we learn to cherish them and from the inside, be grateful for their existence. This site lives as proof that we are all united by the common ground of ultimate pleasure and procreation. Of course, as voyeurs, we settle for the former. 

The Burning Angel creators do not want its subscribers to run short on porn films. So, from an original database of 800 scenes, they have decided to expand their list on a weekly basis. All the videos are in either high quality or high definition formats. There are also photo galleries that contain at least 50 images each. Every video runs at an average of 10 to 15 minutes each. Most importantly, the subscription has been curbed to an amazingly low amount of 9.95 dollars in revenge against other networks. So if you’re thinking joining the site, there’s no need to have any misgivings. Enjoy!