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My high school days almost sucked as much as my elementary days did. Well, it’s because of the bullying scheme that I happened to have been a subject of — an easy target. I’m just glad that hellish experience is finally over, for good. That is why 2009 — my high school graduation and my initial college entry — was the best year of my life. And it’s simply because I finally entered college, which happens to be way better than I thought it be. One of the biggest reasons I say that: SEX. Yes, it’s cap lock because it’s truly intense. And if you want to know what the hell I’m talking about, then you better keep tabs on College Rules — the most wonderful college fuck experience site in the whole nation.

What is College Rules?

The first thing that comes into your mind is exactly what it is. And yes, I can read your mind because I’m a psycho messiah, bitch! Kidding! It’s pretty conspicuous, of course — College Rules is a porn site that specializes on college themed fucking experiences. And that goes for the realistic human encounters in contrast to the scripted. Therefore, College Rules is all natural, completely opposite to sites like Wicked Pictures and you can definitely prove that true as you excavate its receptacles. 

There is a myriad of things you get with College Rules. Let’s go first with the videos. Truth is, there are only a few videos here. But, they all run at 40 minutes each, all fully HD and all magically recorded. You get to choose new videos every month about college punks entering FTV ladies dorms and vice the versa. And then they have sex like there’s no more tomorrow. Yeah, because college doesn’t lost forever! There are also picture sets available, all young college women on men or on dildos! But of course, before you can enjoy the contents of the site, you’re gonna have to pay first. That would only be for 29.95 dollars a month! 

Since the time I’ve been watching College Rules, it makes me want to go back to college and do more of the awesome shit I did before. Truly a slick site for all you porn addicts out there!