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People come into your life and they make things complicated. They stay for a bit, and then they either leave you or you leave them. Pain is the only constant thing all throughout. It’s the only byproduct. It’s the sole outcome. It’s the singular result. And sometimes you never regret letting yourself go through all the trauma.. It’s all going to be “worth it”, we usually say.. And sometimes it is.. I guess in life there are some wonderful pains. But to avoid the pain, you can go discreet or casual. You can just go with the Dancing Bears on the poles.

To be committed, respect someone’s right to have beliefs. You can believe whatever you want to believe. No one will sue you for believing in certain things. No one will try and kill you because yo don’t share the same belief systems. I will not try and curtail your human rights because I don’t agree with what you believe. You can go on living your life possessing these beliefs. Judge me as much as you want if I want to just play it casual. This is something that the D. Bear teaches you. The bachelorette, except that it can be done everyday. This is something I would call porn for the women, but as a man, I love seeing the women in the vids taking pleasure with every dick they can enjoy in the DB party bars.

No one necessarily has to respect your beliefs. They can ridicule them, question them, argue against them. For example, most people argue about Satanism being stupid, but there are also people who genuinely believe even as a true religion. That doesn’t stop most of us from ridiculing it, does it?
Point is if you want to live the Dancing Bear life, go ahead as long as you’re happy. The 108 scenes of the site will show you how nothing is wrong with that and how everything about it is right. Nothing to be attached for at all, just a moment’s pleasure. 75 minutes at a time and then go home again without anybody knowing you got fucked somehow publicly. It’s refreshing and liberating.

Dancing Bear, where men should also get some inspiration. You know, all the guys here are strippers who go all the way to the sex sessions. And one great factory they work so well is biggest they have the guido muscles. Enough said, get into the site and gain true motivation!