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Dare Dorm touts itself as the place to be when the topic of “hot college sex action” is raised. It is said that the material featured on this site is from various university students across the country. They are all having fun and you can join them (thanks to this site) and explore the “party side” of horny college students.

The material inside is 100% exclusive, at least that what’s the site says. There is no disputing the fact that college can be a very fun and passion filled place. The students will come up with any excuse to have a bash or party. This means that sexy coeds and horny studs are always ready to go all out and have some really wild parties.

When you mix heightened youthful energy with alcohol and young “sex-crazy” individuals, there is only one result you can expect i.e. sex themed games, strip dares, nudity, and lots of sex. The superb quality of the videos inside this site (HD quality) makes watching the material so much fun. There are different bitrates available on Dare Dorm, but most of the videos are fabulously clear.

The different scenes you will see inside this site have a lot of information. We are talking about video titles, dates uploaded, small description of the action, and the length of the videos. Streaming is possible and the interactive feature of the player inside the site enables viewers to skip forward to the action they want. Unfortunately, there is one thing that the site still hasn’t implemented. They have not added a download feature for members to save the videos. The only option is to watch them on the site.

Another area that Dare Dorm might be found lacking by more demanding members is the update area. The nature of the schedule for updating new material is sluggish, with 1 or 2 updates every month. This has meant that the amount of videos they have is still pretty low, (around 115+ videos) considering the duration they have been operating. A counter argument to this is that they have only been around for over three years (they are not as old as say Playboy TV and other channels), so, they are still relatively young in the game. Despite these issues, the site still has something worth investing in. They have coed porn that is High Quality and very wild. The contagious fun that the performers have while boozing and sexing like crazy bunnies will leave you horny and thirsty for more.

The admission price is proportional to the material inside Dare Dorm. If you have some unfulfilled fantasies of going wild in college, or just want to relieve the exciting days of coed sex, this site is worth checking out.