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DDF Network is our hot topic of discussion today. We are going to look at what they have to offer, what are the niches covered, is their material HD and HIGH RES quality, what sites they have, and various features and tools inside this network. Let us begin with the sites inside this network. 

Currently, there are thirteen quality sites that call this network their home. HANDS ON HARDCORE, HOT LEGS AND FEET, ONLY BLOWJOBS, 1 BY DAY, etc are some of the art-like hardcore sites inside. As you can clearly see from the titles, the niches covered range from straightforward hardcore to fetish porn. The models range from just legal 18 year olds to milf-like thirty-something year olds. The gals are beautiful and very sexual oriented. In total, members can look forward to 1000+ models ready to make them cum. It seems very apparent that the main focus of this network, from the day it opened for business, is to give all its members quality porn material.

The DDF Network photos inside are impressive, and even if they are not as big as other porn sites, the pictures are still very enticing and engaging. For the new videos uploaded, you will get nothing less than 1080p full HD quality. The network has made its streaming features perfect so that members are not disappointed.

One thing that this network did not fail to do for its members is delivering huge amounts of scenes and photos. There are 12207+ scenes and 12207+ photo sets. The only way any network can be able to get such huge numbers is if they update regularly. On this network updates come daily with twenty-seven new updates being uploaded in a week. 

The videos have mp4, wmv, flv, formats and usually run for fifteen minutes. You will find that a picture set can have 110 individual pictures and there is the .zip pack file for downloads. There is a nice variety of niches inside with hardcore, Lesbos, big boobs, fetish, and other genres making an appearance. According to the DDF network, they make their own stuff. This means that the in-house production team will be coming up with fresh original and exclusive smut action. However, you might see a familiar face here or there. 

No one expect material from ten years ago to be HIGH RES/HIGH DEF quality. This is the case for older content inside this network. The navigation features and tools inside get the job done fast.

Some improvements could be done on the Search Engine to enable network wide searches and more mobility when it comes to selecting niches. The amount of negative things you will find inside are greatly outweighed by thousands of High Quality hardcore sex session, great camera work, magnificent photographs, sexy ladies and other positive things on this network. 

You definitely want to check out what DDF Network has in its big hardcore archives. Once you do, you are bound to become a dedicated member of this network.