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GF Revenge is a site full of amateur girls where guys supposedly submit hot videos of their ex girlfriend in action. However, the amateur feel is minimal as it felt like the guy is a porn star with a camera. It really is a let down when there are no download options available here. The embedded player is working fine though with little to no buffering option. At least the photos here can be downloaded to a Zip file, WOW. We all wish the same could be said about the video as a lot of porn sites have numerous download options but that is not the case.

The members area has a bunch of ads and it becomes a little too much. This is always a turn off for people who would want to spend less time taking out the ads and more time masturbating to the hot girls here. The girls here are so hot that you would wish they were your ex girlfriends. The content here is exclusive to the website so you won’t see the amateur stuff here at another amateur porn site.

There are 300 photo sets here at GF Revenge and each one has 75 pictures each. There are 311 scenes here and the amount of time in each video varies. There is a film strip navigation here and that would always be a plus in the eyes of many porn fans around the globe. There are a few scenes that have photos but not a video so that could turn off some fans. The premise of these videos are great though and it is what makes everyone come back to this site. This site is a whole lot of fun babes and there is no doubt you would want to come back here over and over again.

If you can live with the fact that you can’t download the videos here then you have one good amateur site in your hands. You are surely going to masturbate a lot when all is said and done. The guest tour looks really promising and it would tempt you to check GF Revenge out.