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As you can see, choosing between the heart and the mind is a deceptive practice, as you do not actually weigh between pros and cons in getting together with someone. In truth, when you say you choose your “mind” over your “heart”, you are simply euphemistically saying “I like you, but not enough to make me want to chase you.” Well, looking forward, I think it would be cool to say to your grandkids, “I got incarcerated for liking somebody’s opinion.

Miserable days and nights I spent in jail simply because of a right-click signifying that I am abetting someone’s libelous commentary.. The horrors I faced in jail, the condemnation I faced for being an accomplice to an idea..” I’m laughing over this because this is how ridiculous the law sounds to me. I refuse to believe in a future where any of this will happen. This really deserves an emphasis because women are complicated and they are like the law, they set the standards. Speaking of which, let me do a quick review of GirlsWay Network.

What do women do when they’re stressed out? They eat a lot. What do women do when they are stressed out and worried of their boyfriends maybe seeing other girls? They would do lesbians and that is something so hot that sometimes you might not be able to handle it. GirlsWay Network celebrates the wonders of lesbian porn. Plus, it’s hardcore. Plus, plus, they are all dying to kiss vaginas and suck nipples from their co-ladies. This is the ultimate treat for every voyeur out there and I know for a fact there’s no escaping that for you!

The thing about women is that they are pretty meticulous with their stuff. The thing about GirlsWay Network is that it is teamed up and created by women who love nudity and appreciate it as art. So basically, you’ll be expecting that the 180 plus videos they have available are all super-fine and glorious to the eyes. They’re at least 30 minutes each of awesomely sexy playback. Get to enjoy the HD streaming and downloads, too. Girls are lovely and the GW Network is lovely. Experience them for only $14.95 a month now. Furthermore, they update on a monthly basis and they will be uploading some girl and guy stuff as bonus as well.