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Every human being is always bound to err. While the society has long established what is appropriate and not, there is always a proclivity in all of us to contradict what rules have been established. In this extent, we become an outlaw and sometimes, it doesn’t take the actuation, but the mentality and all the things that are going on inside our head that make us guilty. But in the porn site that I am going to review today, they would hold no bars and fuck the girl for the sake of satisfying their libido drive. It’s called the Haze Her.

Men have always proven themselves to be opportunists, creatures who will take advantage of anything that will let them be with women and do all the things they desire with them. But I guess with the consent of a woman, there’s nothing wrong about screwing with her at all, because that expresses mutual desire. However, in this site, the guys would pretend to take the girl into a party and just have some decent kind of fun. Little does she know she becomes a part of a frat initiation and in order for the guy to be part of the frat, he has to prey on the victim. And so he does and in the end, the girl is pleased more than she is traumatized because she was hazed with care. This goes for the themes of all the videos in this site.

Haze Her is a micro site of the Haze Big Company and while that is the case, you will be surprised with how titanic the videos seemingly are. Well, they are titans if you ask me given the impact they are able to induce to every viewer and all the magical elements that are able to imbue to every piece. As of today, the site holds over 500 videos worth 40 minutes each, to say the least. The package also comes with 500 plus photo galleries that include behind the scenes snapshots of the scenes you get to see in the videos.

It’s not so bad to be animistic at all as long as you can feel the desire from the other person too. This is what they get to show you in Haze Her and while you might think it’s the dangerous kind of porn site, it’s not. It’s purely decent and overwhelming in the best possible way.