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You’ll be pleased with what the interactive pornsite LifeSelector is doing right now. First, they are doing for you over two hundred episodes and the same amount of pornstars possibly more. The material inside is wholly different from the porn you’re used to. They have more formats inside that lead to you making actual decisions about the direction of the content. That means you contribute to whether the gal sucks cock, gets messy cumshots, or whatever else you like.

You participate by picking out how the gal is going to be fucked. You’ll get many POV movies. Those of you after this kind of experience/adventuresome-porn should really get inside. The version of porn that you get is as close as you want it to be in many ways. You will have a freaking good time deciding where your train is going to finally end and it’s probable you are going to try all the different combinations. This level of control is rarely seen in porn since, for traditional hardcore, the directors determine what the performers do and when they do it.

The film story line present options, with the filming centered on POV angles. You work through the different interactions and decisions until finally you arrive at the climax hot sex situation. The scenarios are many, it may be about anal, threesomes, bjs, facials, and wild pussy sex. You can also do some extra stuff like smacking asses, get the girls to lick your balls, etc. Each episode has three or two levels of sex that you can get to experience. For the scenes, you pay according to credits with the nastiest ones like gangbang having a bigger credit amount.

They say they have 200 episodes, so that’s times the 3 scenes in each and you get 600+ scenes of different sexual action. You’re going to find many pornstars from the European countries, many other gals that you recognize. It’s not possible for the members to go downloading the movies they like. You can watch scenes you already watched following the same method you initially saw them; you get to only stream the movies that these guys have. The way it works inside is you get to purchase bundles of credit, which you use to watch what you want. You pay according to what you are doing with the babes inside the scenes, and they do offer you every single delight inside even some bdsm or hard face fucking experience.

The bigger the bundle credit you buy, the lower the charge they place on the bundle, so more is definitely better. The site has been adding hardcore girls and scenes every week, and remember, all their content is completely exclusive. LifeSelector is different in how they decide to help you execute the kind of kinky hardcore you want. All the power to decide and enjoy is in your hands. This is one pornsite people will be talking about for a long time.