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I’ve long held the belief that the heart and the mind are not dichotomies. By that, I mean that they are not alternatives to each other. You do not need to choose one and necessarily forsake the other. It doesn’t work that way. Those of an immature mindset would blindly agree to this kind of philosophy firstly because it simplifies emotions and commitments – they need a dumbed-down version of their complex feelings because it is the only way they could process such a phenomenon. Secondly, and more importantly, the dichotomy gives them an excuse to either a) act FOOLISHLY because they chose their “hearts” over their “minds” or b) act SAFELY because they presumptuously chose their “minds”. To pacify my angst and anxiety that surround me with the people that draw into these wild jungle of thoughts, I turn to Peter North, the guy who proves that the heart and the mind are foolish and that we should let our bodies choose.

The rules of Peter’s game is simple; just do your thing and post it on the web. It’s really simple as much as it is daring. And out of the millions of people across the world, he is one of the very few who are brave enough to endure any kind of consequences it may create to embark a journey of wildness and nudity. But he’s a success. He travels across the world, gets to fuck girls on a cruise ship, motels, brothels and even girls that are seemingly high-end, you know what I’m saying? It’s a way to say he’s a Casanova and you have to love him, too.

Peter North for me is a legend. He does the journeying. He does the sex. He does the recording. He does the production. He’s the all-in-one kind of guy you need for advice. Screw Simple Pickup, this guy has over 590 porn videos that features him and all the girls that he had fucked. Sometimes, the videos would only feature his dick, his famous dick! Enjoy them as they are full 125-minute movies and they can be rendered in HD.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with opinions, but sadly, what most people end up superficially “choosing” depends on whether or not they are attracted to that person strongly enough that they’ll chase him/her or no matter what the cost. Peter North does not give a fuck. So long as you have boobs and booty and the overall body or that you have the perfect visage of an angel or you have all it takes to be considered a queen, he would fuck you. But you’re a guy, so subscribe to his legendary site for only $9.95 a month.