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Tainster is a site that is dedicated to European porn and boy do those Europeans know how to put on a good show. They are based in the Netherlands, which is kind of like the kinkiest and horniest country in Europe and you can understand why when you see the antics they get up to here.

Euro Fucking Everywhere You Look.

The naughty site is absolutely crammed full of hardcore fucking and I was impressed by the sheer energy that goes into every single scene. These chicks are fucking those cocks that hard I am surprised that they did not break them, but it makes for seriously hot scenes and it is really in your face porn, which I love. They also have a tendency to love group sex and it is some of the hottest scenes I have ever come across of this type.

They Are Kinky.

When you join Tainster, you actually get access to 17 sites in general and some of them are seriously kinky. You only have to look at sites that focus on drunken sex orgies or others involving watersports to see how they do porn differently in Europe. Will these chicks ever draw the line somewhere? I hope not.

Download It All Like Crazy.

You are going to need a large hard drive as there are more than 500,000 pictures and over 4,000 movies to download, so you can see why you are going to be on this site for some considerably length of time. The good news is that it is all very well organized, so you can grab all of the same kinky scenes at the one time rather than getting confused. It does appear as if the Europeans like to be organized.

Tainster is one of those porn sites where you feel as if you would have never found it, but then you are eternally grateful when you do. If this is what sex is like in mainland Europe, then I need to get there for a vacation and become a hustler because boy is it hot.