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Have you heard the news? Tera is now all new. If you don’t know what it is I am talking about, please do know this is a porn reference, so if you still don’t get it, then you have definitely missed out a lot. Regardless, I am here to make sure you’re still able to catch up. Tera, one of the hottest porn stars to have ever trodden this planet has finally recreated her site into something vaster and more powerful than it used to be. I’m here to give you a brief review of this reimaged gig she has running.

A great boob size, a wonderful booty, even though she’s kind of fat, boy, who doesn’t want to fuck the ever gorgeous Tera P. Giving glory to guys since 1999, she has managed to build a site with a full range of awesomeness, porn movies that will definitely get you mind-blown. She’s back to remind us the little things that remind you of your happy relationships, the way we used to be, the happiness you truly brought to each other, the times you’ve spent just laughing and being happy together. The times that you would take care of her, and she’d take care of you. This time, in the cool image and sexy likeness of her. Stunning and majestic, that’s how this porn superstar rolls.

The most pitiable thing Tera Patrick sees is a guy being dumped by a girl he’s fallen desperately in love with. Not only is he miserable, but miserably in love, with no hope for reciprocation whatsoever. The pain is twice unbearable. He will not sleep peacefully for days and days. He will start questioning his ability to take care of someone. For months he will be convinced he can never love another again. Tera creates videos to tell her viewers that there is always hope and she wants to be a symbol of it in the sexiest ways possible with her 360 plus videos that depict love and passion from a woman so kind and caring for any man who needs to have his loneliness removed for the night. Also drop by the photo galleries and explore the wonderful stills she has compiled for your pleasure.

Another thing you’ll notice about Tera Patrick is that she loves dying her hair. For some profound and inexplicable reason, that actually makes her exceptional. Perhaps she is the best woman to fuck since she is willing to do everything just to make a guy happy. You have to get your subscription for her virtual abode now!